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Ever had that dream where robots did all your mundane tasks and you’re just sipping coffee, watching the world go by? Turns out, it’s not far from reality. But it’s much less dystopian than you might think. 

According to the 2023 Postman’s State of the API, a staggering 60% of professionals are using Generative AI, primarily to find bugs and, shockingly, to generate code. Another fun tidbit: a GitHub survey found 92% of U.S.-based developers getting cozy with AI coding tools both on and off the clock.

The question is no longer “when will AI dominate?” but “how do we make the most of it now?” As we inch from AI apprehension to AI adoption, it’s evident that while AI can co-pilot, we’re still the captains of this ship. Consider that while 69% fear AI taking their jobs, 82% are actually currently using it in the workplace. 

But first, let’s specify what we mean by “future-proofing”. Future-proofing: The savvy approach of anticipating the unpredictable and making choices today to prevent potential snags tomorrow. 

Now, you wanted to turn that AI stack of yours into an unshakeable fortress. So let’s dive in! 

Redefine your philosophical approach

First, and perhaps foremost, embrace systems thinking. This isn’t just a fancy term. It’s a philosophy. Instead of seeing the world as fragmented pieces, view it as an interconnected puzzle. 

Systems thinkers aren’t just smart—they’re curious, open-minded, and always hunting for the root causes. When AI sifts through mountains of data to fetch us the golden nuggets of trends and insights, it’s complementing our systems thinking approach. We become better problem solvers. But don’t just think about how AI helps you. Ponder how AI can be the problem-solving sage for others.

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Reassess your foundation

Take a nostalgic trip back to the basics. How’s your website or app performance? Lacking pizzazz? Here’s a crazy idea: Let AI handle the tasks you aren’t keen on. Embarking on a brand campaign? AI can be your backstage manager, ensuring every wire is connected and every bulb shines bright. Trust an AI tool to glance at your code and say, Gotcha!

It’s also worth considering how new solutions will interact with your current stack. Ideally, compatible tools should sit on top of the Generative AI software. Not the other way around.

generative AI stack

How’s that for efficiency?

Be on the lookout for hallucinations

No, we’re not talking about seeing unicorns. An AI hallucination is when a model, like our friend LLM, spits out something untrue. They’re slick talkers, these models. But remember—just because it sounds wise doesn’t mean it’s right. Even tech giants like Microsoft acknowledge that their AI chatbots prioritize persuasion over truth. 

As Generative AI becomes the norm, ensuring its accuracy is paramount. Automated lineage tools and data transparency are our shields against the AI illusions. The good news? With continuous improvements, these AI models are getting smarter and more accountable.

Upskill your teams

A message to all developers: get acquainted with AI-powered coding tools! They’re like that nerdy kid from school who had all the test answers. Contribute to open-source projects, foster skills that AI can’t master (yet), and strengthen your niche areas. 

As AI tech continues to soar, humans still hold the key to creativity, empathy, and understanding. The World Economic Forum forecasts 1 billion people will be equipped with future-forward skills by 2023. Is your team one of them?

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An open mind is the best tool

Circling back to where we began, AI isn’t just the future—it’s the present. Developers must be AI enthusiasts, open to the ever-evolving world of algorithms and codes. Because, let’s face it, growth and evolution are the lifeblood of our industry. Keep the wonder alive, keep probing, and stay flexible.
In a world swiftly embracing AI, one must ponder what mesmerizing possibilities await in the deep realms of AI evolution? Stay tuned and we’ll find out.


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