You’re Invited: WellSaid Creative Sessions

The best accompaniment to breakthrough technology is a well-thought question for how to use it well. When people first start using WellSaid Studio, they ask lots of brilliant questions:

“How do I pick the best voices for my script?”
“What happens if I can’t get my voice actor to say a line the way I want?”
“Will the voices say my company’s name?”
“How do I add pauses between sentences?”
“What does Render by Sentence do? Why would I want to use it?”

Fantastic questions, right?

Get answers to your questions and learn valuable time-saving techniques

In response, we are beyond thrilled to host a recurring webinar-style Creative Session series for all you voice creatives out there, whether you’re already using Studio or considering using synthetic voice to power your content.

In this series, we will walk through several use cases, showing the best practices and best voices for a variety of different scripts.

Along the way, we’ll talk through the steps we recommend, show you how to use the features we recommend for each use case, and answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about the first session

Our first session this September 22 at 12PM PST will showcase how we walk through key decisions and best practices for voicing a Workplace Safety Training module.

We would love to see you there! You can register for the event here. Workplace Training not the topic for you? We’ll be hosting more of these sessions in the near future, so keep an eye out for future titles. Please, send us any suggestions for what you’d like to see us cover.

Bring your questions, your comments, and we will see you there!


Music is “Phoenix Rising” by Purple Planet


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Try WellSaid Studio

Create engaging learning experiences, trainings, and product tours.


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