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Radio advertising examples come in all formats. Here are some tips.
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Radio advertisements are an extremely effective way to promote your business and expand your market share within a specific demographic. In fact, radio advertising has an average return on investment of $12 for every $1 spent. This is proof that this promotional method not only drives results, but is also an economically sound marketing strategy.

The real value, however, lies in a brand’s ability to create radio ads that are compelling and engaging enough to pull listeners deeper into your customer acquisition funnel.

Ultimately, radio advertising has the potential to be incredibly impactful and lucrative. But in order to maximize results, companies need to understand their options. They also need to have a plan in place for creating ads their audience will respond to.

Our goal is to help businesses market themselves successfully using audio platforms like radio stations, podcasts, social media, and more. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this promotional method. Additionally, we will be sharing our top radio advertising examples to inspire your next campaign.

Let’s start with the basics.

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What are the Benefits of Radio Advertising?

Perhaps you’re thinking: “radio ads are outdated, right?” Wrong. Radio advertising is going strong, with a long list of benefits and proven success. Here are the top three benefits of radio advertising.  

  1. Listener Trust Levels

71 percent of American consumers trust radio advertisements when making a buying decision — a significantly higher percentage than those who trust cable TV ads (56 percent) or social media ads (43 percent). 

This means when companies promote their products and services on radio stations, they’re more likely to establish brand loyalty and benefit from repeat business.

  1. Memorability

Memory encoding for radio advertisements is 220 percent higher than for ads on TV, making it the ideal marketing channel for companies looking to dramatically increase brand recognition and awareness.

And since awareness is the first step in any sales funnel, radio is capable of greatly enhancing a company’s ability to attract and retain paying customers.

  1. Accessibility

Did you know there are over 575 million radio transmitters in the US alone? And that’s not even including the use of cellphones to listen to the radio. Radio ads have the ability to reach listeners in a wide range of ways that other marketing channels simply cannot compete with. When potential customers are driving, for instance, it isn’t possible to scroll through social media or flip through a magazine. Nor can print or social media ads effectively market to an individual who is taking a shower, washing the dishes, or working out — but radio advertisements can.

Radio is also available on remote work sites and in isolated communities where other forms of media may not be as accessible.

What are the Different Types of Radio Ads?

Before we provide you with a few radio ads examples and mock scripts, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of the types of ads that typically air on radio stations. The vast majority of audio ads will fall into one of these categories. Of course there are always outliers, so don’t feel confined to these parameters. Additionally, there are plenty of audio ad or radio advertising examples available on the web. Keep digging until you find a format that works for you.

Jingle Ads

Jingles use music or catchy tunes (with or without words) to increase the memory recall among listeners. The popular ditty “Ba da ba ba baaa… I’m lovin’ it!” from McDonalds or “The best part of waking up… is Folgers in your cup!” from Folgers are examples of popular jingle ads.

Live Read Ads

Live read ads are delivered within the regular content of a radio show or podcast rather than during a commercial break. This gives them a more authentic feel and gives the impression the ad is coming directly from the radio host(s) themselves.

Testimonial Ads

Testimonial ads feature a statement from a satisfied customer that emphasizes the value of a particular product, service, or experience. Potential customers are much more likely to take action when they’ve heard a positive review from someone else who has used the product or service. This is a great radio advertising example that uses authentic customers as content.

Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship ads involve associating a business with a particular cause, event, or initiative to increase exposure for both parties. If a hair salon is hosting a cut-a-thon in support of a local charity that supports a children’s cancer foundation, for instance, they would run an ad promoting the event. This has two effects. The ads increase exposure for their business as well as the charitable foundation.

Personified Ads

In these ads, fictional characters tell a story that the audience can imagine and follow along with as they listen. Personified ads are an excellent way to add an element of comedy or theater to your radio promotions. They also offer a great way to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Radio Advertising Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Researching radio commercial examples is the best way to identify trends or content ideas to implement within your own campaigns. The options are endless when it comes to on-air voiceover commercial ads, so creativity is essential. We hope these mock scripts and radio ad examples for 2022 spark your imagination.

The Funny Live Read

Humor is a powerful tool for any marketing campaign, but particularly so for radio advertisements. Listeners are more likely to feel connected to your brand and relate to what you are saying if they find your content funny. For this reason, we felt it necessary to include a witty script as part of our radio advertising examples. However, humor can get tricky so be careful about the words and jokes you choose.


“Welcome back folks! That was White Wedding by Billy Idol — one of many classic 80s tracks you’ll hear during our Retro Rock lunch hour. Speaking of white weddings, we’ve got a special offer for all the brides-to-be out there. Bella Rose Boutique, the city’s premiere bridal destination, is taking $200 off the price of all bridal gowns this weekend. Ladies, this is your chance to get the dress of your dreams AND a tiara without going over budget. Move over Cinderella, there’s a new princess in town!”

Why It Works:

Funny radio ads are both memorable and engaging. In this example, the ad speaks directly to the target audience by appealing to a common desired experience amongst soon-to-be brides. It’s about feeling like a princess on their wedding day. Additionally, it’s also relatable in terms of budgeting for a wedding. This is often a pain point for couples planning their nuptials. 

The Sincere Testimonial

Nothing establishes trust more than a positive review from a past or current customer. Of all the radio advertising examples, this one is best suited for businesses that want listeners to view their brand as dependable and legitimate.


“I was left with a serious neck injury after a distracted driver hit me from behind. My son urged me to speak to a lawyer and I’m so glad I did. Without Smith and Associates I would have paid out of pocket for my rehabilitation and other expenses related to my accident. Now I can focus on recovering without worrying about finances. You never know when you might experience a close call while driving, but you can know who to call when you do. I recommend calling Smith and Associates at 1-555-555-1234.”

Why It Works:

The speaker is giving true details from their own experience which highlight the value of hiring the law firm. The advertisement also repeats the word “call” to emphasize taking action. This advertisement also highlights the pain point that the company’s ideal customer would be experiencing — an unwanted injury that is racking up medical bills. By speaking directly to this problem, the ad captures the attention of the listener and incites them to ask “How can you help?”. 

The Spectacular Sponsorship

Generating buzz around a cause, event, or initiative your business is supporting is another worthwhile promotional strategy. In this audio advertisement example, we will focus on a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.


“A glamorous red carpet entry. Specialty mixed cocktails. Elite casino games. Unforgettable live entertainment. Dust off your best 007-inspired suit and join us at the Casino Royale on October 5th — a fundraising event in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. This is your chance to step away from ordinary life and step into the world of Bond. Will you join us in our mission, agent? Hosted by Top Line Contracting, in partnership with Swift Media Productions.”

Why It Works:
This radio advertisement example paints a vivid picture for the listener and entices them to attend by highlighting the various experiences they will enjoy. It also mentions the event organizations as well as the charitable organization the funds will be donated to. 

Additionally, the more exclusive, sensational, or luxurious you portray an event to be, the more likely it is that listeners will be curious or intrigued. This is a powerful tactic for fundraising events, specifically, but can also be applied to other types of events and initiatives. People are motivated by a fear of missing out, so producing an ad that spotlights the extravagance or uniqueness of your event will appeal to their desire to be included.

These are just a few radio ad ideas businesses can build upon for their own marketing campaigns. The key with any radio advertisement is to speak directly to the listener, address their pain points or buying motivations, and clearly articulate how the product or service will benefit them or bring value.

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