Creative Spotlight: Bridget Quigg – Everyone is a Creative Genius!

Welcome to the next installment of Creative Spotlight! In this series, we interview people dedicated to following a creative path. Answering questions about creative processes, advice they have for novices, and what kind of food they’d put their feet into, these wise and funny creatives share their unique insights. 

In this episode, we interviewed Bridget Quigg, a comedian, instructor, writer, and creativity advocate. Her belief that “there is an infinite well of creativity in every human being” permeates our discussion. Bridget’s “creative birth” began when she tried improvisational theater as a Stanford undergraduate and, to this day, improv shapes the way she interacts with the world.

She encourages creativity in others, helping them find the courage to take risks, to “write the weird stuff,” and to recharge their creative processes. Listen in to hear about her experience in content marketing and the frenetic world of tech startup. Maybe you’ll find yourself thinking, “Yes! I am a huge spirit in a tiny meat suit!”