Generating TTS in WellSaid Studio

WellSaid Studio allows you to create beautiful, life-like voice recordings using a library of digital voices. Let’s walk through the process of generating audio clips.

Sign in to the studio.

Scroll through the library and read the voice descriptors to find the voice you’d like to try first. Click on the voice you’ve selected.

WellSaid Studio- screenshot showing voice selection

Copy and paste a portion of your script (300 character maximum) into the editor, or simply type in your text.

WellSaid Studio - screenshot showing text entered into editor

If your text has too many characters, the character count appears in red. Delete an appropriate amount of text until you are within the character limit.

WellSaid Studio - screenshot showing excess characters in editor

Click LISTEN to generate your file.

WellSaid Studio - screenshot showing how to generate file

Once your clip has generated, you can listen to it, rename the files, and reorder the clips.

WellSaid Studio - gif showing listen, rename, reorder clips

If you need to rework a portion of your script, click the text icon to repopulate the editor.

WellSaid Studio - gif showing repopulate editor with text

Delete, undo delete, and download your clips once you’re ready to import them into your sound editor. Clips are downloaded as WAV files.

WellSaid Studio - gif showing delete, undo, download

Want to try out a new voice? Repeat the steps above. You will retain the text you’ve entered into the editor as you move through the voices.

Your clips are sorted by voice. Looking for the clips you made with Ramona, but you’re currently working with Vanessa? Click back to Ramona, and you’ll find her recordings there.


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