How to Build Successful Employee Training During a Global Pandemic

As Covid-19 takes its course worldwide, companies must reevaluate their operational structures for both the short and long terms. Remote work is becoming an institutionalized arrangement for a significant proportion of firms. These pandemic-driven disruptions unsettle employees as they adjust to uncertainty.

For senior management across sectors, employee training during the pandemic holds utmost urgency because of this one truth:

Employee training helps companies navigate troubling times.

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Corporate Training: Instructional Design to the Rescue

Instructional designers create and deliver learning experiences for employees. Imagining a classroom full of people impatient to get back to work? Thankfully, that’s not what we’re talking about here. As the heroes of corporate training, instructional designers have forever changed what it means to learn at work. No more endless slide presentations in cramped spaces packed with uncomfortable chairs. Under the influence of instructional design, corporate training has become more effective and valuable for companies and employees alike. 

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