Webinar replay about immersive audio experiences

Webinar Replay: Creating Immersive Experiences, with Zack Zalon

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What are differentiated listening experiences and how do they translate to how customers think, feel, and behave? Examples of immersive brand strategies are all around us, but those doing it best create sonic experiences that are almost imperceptible on a conscious level–yet are incredibly effective.

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Level up your presentation when you add voiceover to PowerPoint or Google Slides decks. We tell you how in this article.

Level Up Your Google Slide and PowerPoint Presentations With Voiceovers

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By 2025, 37.5% of people will be working from home in some capacity, whether fully remote or hybrid. That means it’s vital for businesses to implement strategies that increase engagement in virtual environments. Today, we’re sharing an important hack: adding voiceover to presentations. 

One simple way that businesses can level up both their content and audience retention is by adding voiceovers to Google Slides or PowerPoints

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WellSaid Labs and ZeroSum AI announce a partnership.

WSL in the News: Partnership with ZeroSum AI

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You are probably familiar with the WellSaid Labs Studio. It’s a place to work on your voiceover projects in a hands-on, small batch manner. What you may not realize, is that WellSaid has a robust API product that leading companies use to provide an AI voice component to their own products. Read on to learn about how ZeroSum AI changed their Auto-Stream product with the WellSaid Labs API.

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Custom ai voices are an effective and efficient way to create a brand voice over.

The Benefits of Custom AI Voice for Today’s Top Brands

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Could custom AI voice be a solution for the branding challenge? Brands are battling to connect with consumers more than ever before. With so much competition and saturation across advertising campaigns, social media, web content, and more, companies need a recognizable voice. The term brand voice refers to the tone and personality of a company’s communication and marketing. Since brands benefit from name recognition and awareness, it’s essential to be clear and consistent across every channel. 

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WellSaid Labs - Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling: How to Use Story to Inspire Action

Simon Sinek rocked the world of storytelling with his famous ‘start with why’ Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. Then, Nancy Duarte famously identified a structure that all great stories follow in her presentation, “The Secret Structure of Great Talks”. Steve Jobs inspired us to feel markedly inspired when he spoke, even by an inanimate object like a cell phone.

What is it about stories that people love so much? How do they inspire people to take action, make a change, or make a purchase? Why have they been passed down among civilizations since the dawn of time, shared over fireside chats, dinner conversations, rap songs, novels, and cinemas? In this article, we investigate why storytelling is so important, what makes a good story, and how creatives should think about storytelling when creating content.

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