WellSaid Labs vs LOVO

Creators who need a voice that actually sounds human trust WellSaid Studio and API with their voiceover needs.

Ethically-sourced. Reliably natural voices.

Features & Capabilities
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Ethically sourced data
Content moderation
MOS (mean opinion score)
API character limit
Studio character limit
Time to first byte
500 ms
API rate-limit
2.5 - 20 tps
Rendering time
100 ms
Natural cues
Phonetic cues
Team collaboration
Brand protection

Voice evolution at its finest

At WellSaid Labs, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries. Our voices don’t just sound natural–they epitomized human voice parity in 2020. Every piece of content benefits from our sustained commitment to voice excellence.

Trust built on ethics and security

With both SOC2 Type 1 & 2  certifications, your data’s security is never in doubt. But we go beyond just security—our platform lives and breathes ethical AI practices. From top-tier ethics to ensuring our voice actors are rightfully compensated, our actions resonate with our values.

Designed for the future, delivered today

Efficiency is in our DNA. With WellSaid Studio, managing projects becomes a breeze. Couple that with our API’s lightning-fast rates, and what you get is a platform that doesn’t just keep up with the times, but stays miles ahead.

WellSaid Labs and LOVO might operate in the same realm, but our ultra-authentic voices make WellSaid the go-to choice for discerning TTS users. 

Top builders trust WellSaid

FAQs for WellSaid Labs vs LOVO

WellSaid Labs stands out from the crowd with its cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. We employ a revolutionary AI technique called Deep Learning to generate human-like voices that sound as natural as possible. Unlike some TTS solutions, our voices aren't robotic or monotonic--they're emotive, expressive and capable of delivering your message in the most engaging way possible.

When it comes to user reviews on G2, LOVO has secured a rating of 4.3/5 from 26 reviews. On the other hand, WellSaid Labs proudly showcases a 4.7/5 rating based on 66 reviews. 


The difference stems from feedback about LOVO's service which some users found to be less trustworthy over extended periods. There's also the matter of its voices, which have occasionally been described as sounding robotic and the platform sometimes demonstrating instability.

We at WellSaid Labs firmly believe we stand at the pinnacle of AI voice generation. By harnessing cutting-edge machine learning, and focusing diligently on voice quality, we've adopted the innovative Tacotron text-to-speech model. This allows us to produce voices that emulate the natural rhythms, pauses, and intonations of human speech. We pride ourselves on modeling after genuine human voices, aiming for that flawlessly imperfect sound.

Premium AI voices refer to top-tier, ethically produced AI vocal simulations that are unmatched in terms of naturalness and adaptability. WellSaid Labs has managed to craft such premium AI voices, which set them apart from other offerings in the market.

Consistency in voice is pivotal to attain the desired effect, ensuring you avoid unnecessary revisions and streamline the process. Moreover, a consistent voice becomes an integral part of a brand's identity, helping listeners immediately recognize and trust the brand. This reliability simplifies workflows and aids in brand loyalty.

Team collaboration for TTS is a feature that facilitates seamless simultaneous work between team members on a TTS project. It encompasses functionalities like multiple user logins and real-time collaboration, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Content moderation pertains to the vigilant monitoring and management of user-generated content to ensure alignment with platform standards and policies. At WellSaid Labs, this is a cornerstone of our brand protection and is deeply integrated into our platform. Unlike many competitors, we maintain stringent content moderation standards, which include monitoring for sexually explicit content, hate speech, extreme obscenity, abusive language, unlawful speech, and impersonation

In an age where technology can often feel impersonal and invasive, WellSaid Labs prioritizes ethical considerations in all that we do. We believe that it’s important not just to create cool tech, but to do so in a way that respects individual privacy and promotes a healthy digital ecosystem. That means we never use voice data without explicit permission, and we’re committed to developing AI that benefits society.

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