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WellSaid Labs vs ElevenLabs

Creators looking for a reliable text-to-speech API with superior accuracy turn to WellSaid Labs.

Better voices. Ethically sourced.

Features & Capabilities
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Ethically sourced data
Content moderation
MOS (mean opinion score)
Natural cues
Volume stability
Supported audio files
API rate-limit
2.5 - 20 tps
Time to first byte
500 ms
Rendering time
100 ms
Phonetic cues
Team collaboration
Brand protection

Reliability over hype

With a 99.9% SLA, WellSaid Labs provides the most dependable API and Studio experience in text-to-speech. Transparent specs and capabilities to inform your build from the beginning.

Better voice quality

State-of-the-art Generative AI for long-form audio. Create voiceover with the most lifelike AI voice available, not just for a clip or two but sustained over your entire project.

Ethically sourced

Rigorous ethical standards mean WellSaid only sources data responsibly and protects your brand identity with careful content moderation. No marketing stunts. No voice cloning without consent.

Compared to ElevenLabs, WellSaid Labs demonstrates superior ethical practices and content moderation. Our proficiency in applying phonetic cues, as well as offering a wide range of accents, enhances the listening experience. WellSaid Labs produces high-quality AI voice for long-form content. And our reliability is consistent–not simply bursts of just-OK renderings.  

Top builders trust WellSaid

FAQs for WellSaid Labs vs ElevenLabs

WellSaid Labs stands out from the crowd with its cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. We employ a revolutionary AI technique called Deep Learning to generate human-like voices that sound as natural as possible. Unlike some TTS solutions, our voices aren't robotic or monotonic—they're emotive, expressive and capable of delivering your message in the most engaging way possible.

In an age where technology can often feel impersonal and invasive, WellSaid Labs prioritizes ethical considerations in all that we do. We believe that it’s important not just to create cool tech, but to do so in a way that respects individual privacy and promotes a healthy digital ecosystem. That means we never use voice data without explicit permission, and we’re committed to developing AI that benefits society. 

Our clients use WellSaid Labs in a variety of creative and innovative ways. From giving voice to their AI chatbots, powering their IVR systems, creating voice overs for advertisements, educational content, or video game characters, the sky's the limit!

The secret sauce? A blend of advanced machine learning techniques and an exceptional focus on voice quality. WellSaid Labs uses an innovative proprietary technique that creates a text-to-speech model that helps us create a voice that not only sounds human-like, but also captures the unique intonations, pauses, and rhythm of natural speech. We believe that the best AI voice is one you don't even realize is AI!

Some TTS solutions might offer free custom voices as a teaser to attract potential customers. It's their version of a free sample. However, the reality is that quality TTS solutions require substantial resources to develop, maintain, and improve. At WellSaid Labs, we charge for our services because we invest in creating the highest quality AI voices on the market, continuously improving them and providing you with top-notch support.

WellSaid Labs offers a plethora of voices across different regional accents, ages, genders, and more. We currently have 110+ diverse, ethically-sourced, and hyper-realistic voices. Plus, we're constantly rolling out new ones based on user feedback.

WellSaid is designed for anyone who needs high-quality, natural-sounding AI voiceovers. This includes digital marketers, content creators, e-learning developers, game developers, businesses with IVR systems, and more. If you've ever thought "I wish I had a professional voice actor on hand," then WellSaid is for you.

WellSaid offers a range of solutions, tailored to different needs. We have an API for businesses looking to integrate our technology into their own platforms or services. We also have a user-friendly online platform where you can input text and have it read out by our high-quality AI voices. And of course, we offer custom solutions for specific use cases, because we know not all voices fit the same script. Whatever your TTS needs, we've got a solution that speaks your language.

At WellSaid Labs, we start the process of voice generation by collaborating with real voice actors. These talented professionals record initial voice samples that serve as the basis for our AI models. We then train our AI on these samples to generate new speech. So when you hear a WellSaid Labs AI voice, you're hearing the fruits of a beautiful partnership between human talent and machine learning.

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