WellSaid Labs and ZeroSum AI announce a partnership.

WSL in the News: Partnership with ZeroSum AI

Listen to one of our AI voice avatars, Jodi, read the first paragraph in the “conversational” style.

You are probably familiar with the WellSaid Labs Studio. It’s a place to work on your voiceover projects in a hands-on, small batch manner. What you may not realize, is that WellSaid has a robust API product that leading companies use to provide an AI voice component to their own products. Read on to learn about how ZeroSum AI changed their Auto-Stream product with the WellSaid Labs API.

Read this press release about the ZeroSum partnership with WellSaid Labs.

In this press release is an explanation of the Auto-Drive product, and how the WellSaid Labs API provides state-of-the-art AI voiceover.

About the Partnership

ZeroSum AI provides software and marketing to car dealerships all over the U.S. The Auto-Stream product enables dealerships to produce CCT/OTV video ads of available stock, using WellSaid’s API to add custom voiceover.

Videos that used to take up to two weeks to coordinate a voice actor, imagery, and editing can now be done in under an hour. By connecting directly to our API, the Auto-Stream software can generate a polished video with minimal inputs from the ZeroSum and car dealership teams.

Is a WellSaid API application in your future?

If you’re building a software product that needs a voice component, the WellSaid API could be your solution. We built our API to complement your creation, providing a more complete, immersive experience. To explore this option further, contact our team to schedule a brainstorming session.