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How much does it cost?

There is a plan for every need. Access to WellSaid Studio starts at $49 a month per user. See our Pricing page for more details.

Currently, we offer 15 voices. Within this library, you will find male and female voices with a variety of personalities and content capabilities.

American English.

Sometimes, the predictions create mispronounced words. To fix these, spell your words the way they sound. For example, the phrase "Kirchhoff’s Laws" sounds best when entered as "Kirkhoff’s Laws".

Your clips download as production-ready MP3 files.

The AI controls the overall persona of the voice, and each voice brings in their own sincere personality and emotion. While you can’t ask our voices to read one sentence in a happy tone and the next one sad, you can use "quotation marks around important phrases" to create a livelier reading.

The script you use to produce voice narration in the Studio is yours. We don’t claim ownership of your content. For more details, please review our Terms of Service.

Yes. We can deploy on your private cloud, local devices, and embedded systems. Please contact sales so we can better understand your requirements.

Yes. We support certain use cases with our API. To explore how we can help with your build, please contact sales.

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