Read our guide to voiceover post-production basics.

Comprehensive Guide: Voiceover Post-Production Techniques

Listen to Jarvis, an AI avatar, read the first paragraph of this article.

Whether listeners recognize it consciously or not, audio can make or break a project. Poorly balanced sound strips a dialogue scene of its weight, forcing audiences to focus on deciphering voices from background noise. Poor podcast audio becomes distracting, action scenes lose their impact, and songs become a mess of competing tracks and vocals. Regardless of the quality of the rest of the project, audio editing and clarity have a huge impact on how the we receive content. In fact, a recent study of online videos found that there was an 89 percent correlation between highly-rated videos and good audio quality.

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Meet the new text to speech voice avatars at WellSaid!

New Avatar Voices, Now at WSL!

We are so excited to introduce you to our seven new friends. Technically, they are avatar voices, but we know you’ll like them. While we often add new voice options to the WSL Studio, we are extra excited about this group. Let’s meet the new options for your next voice over project and learn a bit about the process.

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Meet the Fresh New Voices of WellSaid!

Your stories deserve the perfect voice, and WellSaid Studio is here to help you make that happen. We’re proud to introduce you to our eight new digital voice actors! They can’t wait to record your engaging content. 

Please meet Tobin, Paige, Tristan, Patrick, Nicole, Jeremy, Kai, and Ava!

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WellSaid: A New Text-to-Speech

Text to speech has a long history, with champions and critics along the way. With a massive technology breakthrough in 2018, the voice over game has changed. The TTS of today, such as the lifelike voices created by WellSaid Labs, is miles away from what you may have heard before 2018. Synthetic voice is quickly becoming a competitive option for eLearning voice narration.

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8 Tips for Stunning Video Voice Over

When you’ve got an eye-dazzling video and a perfectly wordsmithed script, you need only the best for your voice narration, too. We’ve compiled some of the voice industry’s best tips for creating the best possible voice over. From script prep to post-production, these eight hacks get you the results. Ready?

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Creating a Natural Voice using Text to Speech

If you’ve used one of the newer text to speech services, you’ve witnessed the huge improvements this industry has seen in the past decade. The voices we have today are much more lifelike than those most people associate with “text to speech.” When you’re working with TTS, you can produce even better quality files when you follow these few simple steps. 

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A Basic Guide to Text-to-Speech

Today’s text-to-speech empowers content creators to bring their words to life. Where once authors hired voice actors or went without voice altogether, text to speech (TTS) allows them to narrate on their own schedules.

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The Ultimate Guide to Voice Narration in eLearning

One of the biggest fears that eLearning content developers share is the disengaged learner. Modern instructional design models, authoring tools, and storytelling best practices aim to address this concern. At the end of the day, the goal is to help others understand and apply new concepts. Given the advancement of digital experiences, accomplishing that today through a digital medium is a tall order. In the enterprise, this phenomenon was very real. Coined the “Consumerization of IT,” this was the moment when big companies realized user expectation was higher given the services and experiences they enjoyed on similar devices, but in different contexts. eLearning is facing this same reality today. 

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