WellSaid Labs named to top 100 by CB Insights

In the News: WellSaid Labs Named to CB Insights AI 100 List

Listen as Ava M., a WellSaid Voice Avatar, reads the intro.

We are thrilled to announce that for the second time, WellSaid Labs has made the CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.

This honor in 2022 comes as we expand our offering of the highest grade of AI voice avatars and continue to add top companies to our customer roster from a range of industries. Read the full press release below.

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WellSaid Labs released new ai voice avatars in a variety of accents

New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 13 New WellSaid Voices

Hear Wade C. introduce a few of the new voice avatars.

Providing high quality voice avatars in a variety of accents is an ongoing pursuit at WellSaid Labs. Because we take pride in providing only the most realistic AI voice avatars on the market, each new voice avatar release is a big event. 

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Content moderation is an important part of our ethical commitment to AI for Good at WellSaid Labs. Read about our philosophy here.

AI for Good: Content Moderation at WellSaid Labs

Here, avatar “Nicole” reads the first paragraph in the Conversational style.

At WellSaid Labs, we consider it an honor that we get to help innovative people amplify their creativity with our AI voices. It is exciting to see the ways our technology can be used to convey information, entertain, and enhance experiences. But with that honor comes a responsibility that we take very seriously, making sure that our voices are used ethically. Here, we explore the importance and challenges of content moderation.

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What is text to speech & how does it work? WellSaid has the answers for you. Click here to learn all the information you need to know on TTS.

What is Text to Speech & How Does It Work?

According to The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, approximately 20% of the population suffers from some form of dyslexia. Reading difficulties can make most online content difficult to access.

Assistive tech is critical to making ordinary content accessible. Figuring out what is text to speech isn’t easy as most people don’t use it regularly. Voice is the future of the way people consume content.

Apple’s Siri has more than 500 million users, and these numbers are growing fast. Wondering how does text to speech work? Here’s what you need to know about text to speak.

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