Webinar replay of WellSaid Studio best practices

Webinar Replay: 5 Steps to Stellar AI Voiceover for eLearning

Listen as Voice Avatar, Kai, reads the first paragraph.

Training materials with a voiceover element are versatile, engaging, and effective, but creating them is time consuming, expensive, and disruptive. How do you find voice talent? What if they’re busy when you need that urgent update? What’s the best way to create 10 versions of similar material?

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This article illustrates the common hurdles that eLearning instructional designers face.

Top 10 Learning and Development Hurdles You Can Overcome

Listen as Tobin, a WellSaid Labs voice avatar, reads the intro to this post.

Learning and development professionals face a harder task than most people realize.

Their mission is not simply to present information. The mission is to capture learner attention, rapture, and retention—all while creating a positive brand experience in the process.

Information that’s presented carelessly may get the job done, but it does little for effective learning. Instead, educational experiences must be structured, strategic, and well thought out, with the learner’s point of view considered at all times.

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Elearning instructional design webinar replay

Webinar Replay: eLearning Instructional Design Toolkit with Paul Wilson

Being an eLearning designer is a complex job. Whether it’s storyboarding, imagery, text, voiceover, or animation, you need a lot of tools to be successful. But where do you find the best tools? What works well in various situations?

We were honored to host eLearning instructional design expert, Paul Wilson, in a webinar recently. With over 20k YouTube subscribers for his review videos, Paul is a trusted source for the inside scoop on the best apps to use.

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