Webinar replay of WellSaid Studio best practices

Webinar Replay: 5 Steps to Stellar AI Voiceover for eLearning

Listen as Voice Avatar, Kai, reads the first paragraph.

Training materials with a voiceover element are versatile, engaging, and effective, but creating them is time consuming, expensive, and disruptive. How do you find voice talent? What if they’re busy when you need that urgent update? What’s the best way to create 10 versions of similar material?

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WellSaid Labs named to top 100 by CB Insights

In the News: WellSaid Labs Named to CB Insights AI 100 List

Listen as Ava M., a WellSaid Voice Avatar, reads the intro.

We are thrilled to announce that for the second time, WellSaid Labs has made the CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.

This honor in 2022 comes as we expand our offering of the highest grade of AI voice avatars and continue to add top companies to our customer roster from a range of industries. Read the full press release below.

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WellSaid Labs released new ai voice avatars in a variety of accents

New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 13 New WellSaid Voices

Hear Wade C. introduce a few of the new voice avatars.

Providing high quality voice avatars in a variety of accents is an ongoing pursuit at WellSaid Labs. Because we take pride in providing only the most realistic AI voice avatars on the market, each new voice avatar release is a big event. 

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Benefits of synthetic voice

Benefits of Synthetic Voice and Voice Cloning for Today’s Top Brands

Check out Jodi’s “promo style” reading of the first two paragraphs.

A unified brand identity is more important than ever in our new immersive experiences and synthetic voice or voice cloning are powerful tools. Marketing services or products through a single channel no longer makes the cut; successful companies reach customers through podcasts, banner ads, social media posts, sponsored content, and more.

With so many different ways to find new audiences and buyers, brands need a recognizable and consistent identity. And because these massively popular new mediums are audio-only — like podcasts or music-streaming services — it’s not enough to only have a good logo or visual design.

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Read about the WSL ethical stance on why we don't do deepfakes here.

Why We Don’t Do Deepfakes: Ethics of AI Voice

Here, Vanessa, an AI Voice Avatar, reads the first paragraph in her “conversational” style.

For the most part, people trust their eyes and ears. If you saw a video of a politician bad-mouthing a rival, or listened to a recording of a celebrity admitting to a crime, you would suspect they must be real, right? You might think you can see through Photoshop editing or gauge when a recording is fake. But through technological innovation and groundbreaking artificial intelligence, the divisions between reality and fiction are fading.

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WellSaid Labs and ZeroSum AI announce a partnership.

WSL in the News: Partnership with ZeroSum AI

Listen to one of our AI voice avatars, Jodi, read the first paragraph in the “conversational” style.

You are probably familiar with the WellSaid Labs Studio. It’s a place to work on your voiceover projects in a hands-on, small batch manner. What you may not realize, is that WellSaid has a robust API product that leading companies use to provide an AI voice component to their own products. Read on to learn about how ZeroSum AI changed their Auto-Stream product with the WellSaid Labs API.

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This article illustrates the common hurdles that eLearning instructional designers face.

Top 10 Learning and Development Hurdles You Can Overcome

Listen as Tobin, a WellSaid Labs voice avatar, reads the intro to this post.

Learning and development professionals face a harder task than most people realize.

Their mission is not simply to present information. The mission is to capture learner attention, rapture, and retention—all while creating a positive brand experience in the process.

Information that’s presented carelessly may get the job done, but it does little for effective learning. Instead, educational experiences must be structured, strategic, and well thought out, with the learner’s point of view considered at all times.

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Content moderation is an important part of our ethical commitment to AI for Good at WellSaid Labs. Read about our philosophy here.

AI for Good: Content Moderation at WellSaid Labs

Here, avatar “Nicole” reads the first paragraph in the Conversational style.

At WellSaid Labs, we consider it an honor that we get to help innovative people amplify their creativity with our AI voices. It is exciting to see the ways our technology can be used to convey information, entertain, and enhance experiences. But with that honor comes a responsibility that we take very seriously, making sure that our voices are used ethically. Here, we explore the importance and challenges of content moderation.

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