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Text-to-Speech Online With Natural Voices

When you’ve watched a video online, have you ever considered whether the voiceover was actually a human voice? Sounds sci-fi, but these days, many companies rely on an emerging technology called text-to-speech to bring their voiceovers, scripts, and learning content to life. In this article, we discuss what text-to-speech is, how it compares to actual human voiceovers, and how you can generate shockingly life-like natural voices with an online text-to-speech platform.

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Create the Perfect eLearning Voiceover

The right voiceover can make a learning module come alive. More than a mere narration, it infuses the content with character and makes it easy to consume. In eLearning, voiceover is essential to make the material relatable and dramatically increases comprehension and retention. But just because you have a computer, the necessary software, a microphone, and a willing colleague doesn’t mean that you have all the pieces required to create good voiceovers. You also need to understand the modalities of voiceovers before you hit the record button.

To begin with, it’s good to realize that voiceover is a separate domain that requires a lot more than ‘having a good voice.’ Subject matter expertise also doesn’t guarantee a good result. The right voiceover is the result of an interplay of experience, a well-crafted script, and engaging delivery, among several other factors. Here’s a 6-point checklist for producing the perfect voiceover.

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Top 5 Audio Editing Software

Audio production and editing used to be the exclusive domain of those in the recording industry. Not so long ago, if you had to produce or edit a piece of audio, you had to find a studio, get the necessary equipment, find a professional, and sit by the sidelines as it was done. But with the advent of audio editing software, any personal computer can be a high-end studio. All you need is the right audio editing software to produce an album or create a voiceover for your written content. In short, audio editing software or digital audio workstation (DAW) have democratized post-production audio editing. 

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Adobe eLearning World Conference: Keep Your Creative Motivation High

Have you attended any digital conferences this year? You can find plenty of posts weighing the pros and cons of virtual learning experiences. Ultimately, though, most organizations choose to offer opportunities to meet and learn virtually. It’s a great place to find creative motivation.

One of our favorite things about virtual conferences? They create a wealth of online learning opportunities that you can access even after the conference ends. It’s fantastic for creatives who use high-tech tools every day.

Plus, as we know, 2020 is all about finding ways to stay socially and mentally engaged while you’re physically separated from your work communities. Conferences help you learn new tool features while feeding your need for connection.

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Text-to-Speech: How to Create a Flawless Production

Every creative finds a unique rhythm when they’re creating voice over.

Some people like to move fast, queueing up lots of copy at once to work in large batches.

Others prefer to paste in just a single slide at a time, perfecting the sound before they move on.

Every Production is Unique

This is also true: Different productions have different voice over needs.

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Adding WellSaid Audio to your Articulate Course: Rise 360

One of the great things about Articulate 360? It’s very easy to add elearning ai voice content to your courses. Whether you’re using Rise 360 online or one of Articulate’s suite of desktop applications, you can add audio to any of your courses. 

In this series, we’ll show you the steps to take to get your WellSaid audio files integrated with your course. This post is all about Rise 360.

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WellSaid Adding soundtrack to your voice narration.

Choosing the Right Sound Track for Your Voice Over

When you have a solid voice recording, adding the right background music lets you set the emotional tone. Select the right sound track, and your production suddenly takes on a professional sound. Even subtle background music adds ambiance and feeling to an otherwise sterile recording. 

Finding the right track requires some detective work and a lot of attention to nuance and tone. The process of looking for, and finding, that perfect accompaniment can be mystifying, but it doesn’t have to be. From identifying the best music services to trying out several tracks, this post gives you the information you need for confident audio mixing.

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