You’re Invited: WellSaid Creative Sessions

The best accompaniment to breakthrough technology is a well-thought question for how to use it well. When people first start using WellSaid Studio, they ask lots of brilliant questions:

“How do I pick the best voices for my script?”
“What happens if I can’t get my voice actor to say a line the way I want?”
“Will the voices say my company’s name?”
“How do I add pauses between sentences?”
“What does Render by Sentence do? Why would I want to use it?”

Fantastic questions, right?

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New Ways to Create with WellSaid

We Live in a World of Voice

Every day, more people decide to create with voice. We hear voice over narration in corporate presentations, product tours, and YouTube ads. We hear it whenever we take online courses, or complete a mandatory employee training.

What do you create with voice?

Are you an instructional designer working on a team, hoping for more control over your voice over productions? Or an indie producer looking for high-level voice over on-demand on budget? Maybe you’re looking to start your own online courses, and you need the flexibility of voice over that works off-hours with you.

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Studio Remodel! Create with Projects

WellSaid Studio works because of you.

You tell us what you love, and what you’d like to see. Then, we get to work for you. 

One common request: a way to keep audio clips organized. When you’re creating hundreds of clips, it’s difficult to keep them all in order.

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re proud to introduce:


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Meet the Fresh New Voices of WellSaid!

Your stories deserve the perfect voice, and WellSaid Studio is here to help you make that happen. We’re proud to introduce you to our eight new digital voice actors! They can’t wait to record your engaging content. 

Please meet Tobin, Paige, Tristan, Patrick, Nicole, Jeremy, Kai, and Ava!

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TTS Update: More Characters, Less Editing

What do you want?
When do you want it?

We’re happy to oblige! These two new capabilities aid you on your quest to lifelike ai text to speech. Without further ado, let us introduce:

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